Angela Allbright

The shy girl


Angela is quiet, studious, and playful. She likes animals, helping people and spending time with her best friend JD Cortez and his brother DJ. The three of the are often found talking with their heads together, digging in the sand at the park or at the edge of the woods. More often than not, Angela quietly sits between the two, listening to them argue over what to do or play, before weighing in and finding a solution. It doesn’t always work as DJ and JD are prone to wrestling.
Angela was a pretty lonely kid with no friends who kept a teddy bear in her backpack. The teddy bear is still there, and though Anton and his friends tease her relentlessly, everyone else pretends not to notice. She also always has a first aid kit, handing out band-aids, taking care of scrapes and bruises whenever there is need.

Asset: Fair
Fault: Dull


Her mother grew up on an Indian reservation. She won’t discuss it or Angela father, who she met in medical school. All Angela knows is that he wanted to be a doctor, he’s dead now, and her mother cries when she looks at her because she looks like him.

She just moved to 3 years ago when her mother got a job from Tank Tek.

She wants to be a doctor, like her dad wanted to be.

Angela Allbright

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