JD Cortez

Brainy , chatty kid who likes rocks and lizards


JD, (on the left), is really, really smart. He mostly is fascinated with reptiles and rocks, but if he is interested in anything, he just reads and studies and TALKS. He talks almost as much as Troy, if you don’t stop him. As long as you are nice, he won’t take it too personally if you point out he’s going on a tangent. He also just says whatever pops into his head without thinking too much about it first – like mentioning to Anton that he read up about what’s possibly wrong with his freakish size and premature puberty. He’s not great at keeping secrets either because he says whatever comes to mind.

However, he’s always someone you can turn to for homework help, ask a question or if you need an alibi. He’s nice, a little geeky and boring, but if you don’t take advantage of him, (or his friends), he’s more than willing to help you out.

Asset: Dependable

Fault: Brash


JD Cortez

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